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  • Why don't you sell spells?
    Spells are incredibly personal and intimate which is one of the many reasons we feel that it is inappropriate to sell them. Spells are supposed to be filled with intention and specific energy, while we do our best to cleanse all of our products before shipping we can't guarantee a 100% energetically neutral object. If you are looking for resources on how to do magic on other people (i.e. love potions, etc) we urge you to please think about the consequences of doing so without consent. Respecting another person's energetiic boundaires is equally as important as respecting their physical ones. Instead of placing energy/intentions onto another person without their consent, redirect the energy you were going to use onto yourself. Thinking of a love potion? Try doing energy work on yourself to ensure that you are receptive to the unconditional love you seek when it presents itself.
  • Where are you based?
    Saint Paul, Minnesota
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