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School Success Spell

Back to school can be an overwhelming time of year with supplies shopping, food planning, and the anxiety of starting a new academic year. Taking a few minutes to set some intentions for the year can help everyone start right. This spell will work if you're going into 1st grade or are starting your final year of college.

The foundation of this spell is based on you/your kid envisioning what a successful school year might look like. Everyone approaches the school year with different goals and success means something different depending on who you are talking to. That is why doing spell-work for yourself is so important. I could easily sell you pre-made version of these but I don't believe they would be effective. The process of creating these spells is arguably more important than the final product itself.

Here are the 5 steps for creating a school success spell


Step 1: find a container for the spell

Really any container will do. Here are some things to consider while choosing your container: Will it live in a backpack or on a flat surface? Does it need to be childproof? Is the spell for a kid? Encourage the child to be part of the process Does it have a secure way to close? Do you want to see the contents once they are in the container? Remember that there isn't a wrong answer. Doesn't matter if it is a fancy container from a craft store, something you make yourself, or a mason jar. If the container feels like the correct one, it is!


Step 2: Set and write/draw intentions

Start to envision what a successful school year would look like. If you are doing this with your kid, ask them what they think it would mean. Put this to paper with words, drawing, image finding, or any other way that makes sense for you. This will go into your container at the end so keep that in mind when choosing materials.


Step 3: Gather stones, herbs, oils, etc.

Now that you have your container and vision for the year, it is time to gather the rest of the spell. This is your spell so it is completely up to you how much more you put in to your spell. Here are some suggestions: Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Quartz, Lavender, LemonGrass, Essential oils - any you find good for calming/focus, Family sigils, Images/symbols of knowledge deities


Step 4: Put it all together

Start assembling your spell by placing everything you've gathered into your container. It is important to be mindful during this step and continue to envision what a successful school year looks like. That way you charge each item with that intention as it gets placed.


Step 5: Charge and seal your spell

Once everything is in your container hold it in your hands or against your body in some way while thinking or speaking aloud your vision for a successful school year. If you are doing this with your kid, have them hold it. Now that it is fully charged, close/seal the container. You have successfully created a school success spell! Keep it somewhere you will see it often. Consider recharging it occasionally throughout the year with your intentions by repeating the charging step above.


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